We provide you extensive training and consultancy to help you understand complex industry knowledge and Technical terms for practical application.

SEO Consulting & Training Dubai

Would you like to know more about SEO and its impact on your business’s success?

Would you like to improve your ranking and increase your return on investment?

Here, at IBGDigital, we offer extensive SEO consultancy and training to help aspiring online marketers and strategists to garner comprehensive understanding of search engine optimization and its implementation. We provide industry-level knowledge, internet marketing sessions, and industry proven and tested digital marketing tips that help you understand your role as an online marketer better and helps you devise a successful strategy for your online business.

Importance of SEO training

Search engine optimization is undoubtedly the core component of digital marketing. In order to understand the importance of search engine optimization, it is crucial to have an understanding of keywords and their significance in search engine marketing. Your customers enters certain words and phrases into the search engine in order to view specific results. Businesses with matched keywords in the search engine directory are displayed in search engine description list. The role of search engine optimization is to rank your website with specific keywords so that your business can appear in one of the first ten pages of search engine. With the right search engine optimization, you can get your website to rank on Search Engine’s first 10 pages to give your business high visibility.



  • We provide you extensive training and consultancy to help you understand complex industry knowledge and Technical terms for practical application.
  • We have access to internet marketing tools that are designed to help you create successful digital marketing campaigns.
  • Insightful reports related to past, successful internet campaigns to help you get an understanding of how the internet marketing tools generate results.


We offer a comprehensive training package and consultancy sessions for entrepreneurs and business owners who would like to learn more about SEO processes to make an effective SEO strategy for their company. Our training sessions are open for both professionals and aspiring business managers and online marketers. Our training process includes a 2-step process that allows you to get acquainted with course modules and then prepare and implement SEO strategies to get hands on experience.


Our training services in this domain include, but are not limited to:

  • Introduction to SEO: basics of Search Engine Optimization
  • Introduction to SERP (Search Engine Results Page): understanding search engine technical terms, commands and operators
  • The process of search engine: how Search Engines work: introduction to the types of search engines and their use; Meta search engines, crawler based search engines, search directories, and vertical search engines
  • Understanding Google’s Ranking Algorithm and its usage
  • Google Analytics setup and management through goal setup, analytics code integration and traffic statistics analysis
  • Understanding Keywords
  • Introduction to Google Keyword planner tool: advance keyword analysis and guidelines for keywords segregation
  • The process of selecting Keywords: keyword selection for websites; understanding generic, geo-specific, primary, long tail and secondary keywords.
  • Google webmaster tools and guidelines
  • Article submission guidelines and best practices
  • Blog commenting and forum posting
  • Understanding Keyword Stuffing and Keyword Placement
  • XML sitemap setup and optimization
  • Page title optimization
  • Meta data optimization
  • Social media optimization
  • Do’s and Don’ts of SEO and link building
  • Guest blogging guidelines
  • Meta tag optimization
  • Introduction to directory submission: guidelines and best practices
  • Introduction to Basic HTML
  • Introduction to Dreamweaver Software
  • Introduction to FTP: File upload and download using FTP software
  • Press Release distribution guidelines and best practices
  • Contextual link building
  • Understanding content optimization through keyword density, proximity and prominence
  • Understanding link creation, structure and optimization
  • Robots.txt file setup and optimization

Why choose us?

We are a group of expert SEO strategist, online marketers and business consultancy specialist with more than a decade of Industry experience. Over training and consultancy services include comprehensive packages that allow you to acquire substantial knowledge and expertise to successfully run your SEO and online marketing campaigns.

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