Link building for entrepreneurs: A Quick Guide to Link Building for your Online Business

Link building for startups

Are you looking to start up your new business in Dubai? There are a lot of things that you need to consider when it comes to business formation in UAE, but the primary element always remains digital marketing. 
Without a proper online marketing strategy, there is a slight chance that your business will garner the online prominence that it requires for substantial success. One significant subset of digital marketing is search engine optimization and its key ingredient is link building. Both elements complement each other when it comes to promoting brands online. This article discusses the basics of link building and its importance for your overall SEO campaign to help you understand why you need to get started with link building in your early stages of business.

Understanding link building

Link building, as the name suggests, is the process of building hyperlinks from other quality websites.  Hyperlinks or simply links are the gateways to navigate to different pages available to search engines. The search engine utilizes links to crawl your website and the pages within the website for indexing. In simple words, link building is a process of acquiring external links that can be linked to one of your individual website pages.

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Importance of link building

So why is link building important anyway?  According to the basic SEO rule, quality backlinks equal higher search engine rank.  Link building is important because it plays a crucial role in establishing a strong presence for websites through backlinking that leads to a better rank on the search engine.

How search engines see a link

To understand the importance of backlinking in detail, let’s look at how a search engine sees a link.  Search engines use links in two primary ways: to discover new website pages and to determine which page should rank higher in the results. Search engines use links to crawl the website pages on the web.  Through the process of crawling, search engines identify the quality content and the pages of that content for the placement in search engine indexes.

During the crawling process, the search engine not only looks at the content of the page but also at the external links that point to the specific page. In addition, the search engine also takes into consideration the quality of the external links. Therefore, the more quality external links you have, the higher your website has the chance to be ranked well on Google. In simple words, links to a website serve as a ranking factor.

Final thoughts: link building serves as a strong promotional tool; when you start to look for external links, you frequently reach out to relevant blogs and websites within your industry and essentially pave a way for your brand promotion. This outreach can help you build strong relationships with the key influencers in your industry that can help you promote your brand. So, link building is much more than just garnering an external link; it is a way to promote brand awareness.