Landing pages are a great way to attract new traffic and trigger a certain response from your target audience.

Landing Page Design

Are you looking forward to build an engaging landing page for your business? Landing pages are a great way to attract new traffic and trigger a certain response from your target audience. Social media and PPC landing pages are powerful enough to convince your target audience to perform a specific action to trigger a certain response. A landing page establishes your company’s credibility by presenting the benefits of your services in an engaging manner that not only sends your brand message across, but also helps you garner the trust of your target audience. The purpose of a landing page is to introduce your business to the visitors and offer them a certain call to action to garner a specific response.

Importance of Landing Pages

Landing page creation is a part of search engine optimization and online marketing. Destination page or landing page is accessible to visitors as a response that is generated after clicking on certain keywords that appear in search engine. Landing pages are usually linked with a company’s search engine marketing campaign, social media campaign and other online advertising campaigns that are geared towards increasing the online visibility of company’s products and services. A proper landing page helps you increase your lead generation and conversion for substantial returns. At IBGDigital, we ensure that you have a responsive landing page that aids in your overall online marketing campaign.



  • Create a highly responsive and professional landing page with quality design that represents your business in the best possible way and offers an image that is consistent with your company’s goals.
  • Create a landing page that specifically targets your audience and generates potential leads.
  • Create a queer and strong brand message to an effective landing page design to inform your visitors about the value of your products and services.


We follow a thorough procedure in order to provide a fully responsive landing page design for your business. Our process involves a four-step strategy that entails:

  • Business analysis to outline the landing page requirements
  • Initial landing page design, color, text and graphics selection
  • Copywriting, call to action and other marketing material creation
  • Landing page final design implementation


Our experts are highly specialized web designers and developers who understand the importance of PPC landing pages and their role in online advertising.
Our major services within this domain include:

  • A Responsive landing page design for all platforms
  • Conversion tracking code setup
  • Online project management scheduling
  • Dedicated account representative
  • Conversion strategy
  • Development of unique selling position
  • Conversion reporting
  • Performance test reporting
  • Copywriting
  • PPC campaign review
  • Flash/jQuery interactive calls to action
  • Conversion path implementation
  • Lead forms integration into CRM
  • Call tracking
  • Database integration

Why choose us?

Our PPC and social media experts have specialized expertise in creating highly responsive and engaging landing pages that add to your overall online marketing campaign and help you generate the results that guarantee returns. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services within this domain, and let us help you build a landing page to cover your online advertising and lead generation needs.

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